Distributed Arrays and SPMD

Partition arrays across multiple MATLAB® workers for data-parallel computing and simultaneous execution


distributed Create distributed array from data in client workspace
gather Transfer distributed array or gpuArray to local workspace
spmd Execute code in parallel on workers of parallel pool
Composite Create Composite object
codistributed Create codistributed array from replicated local data
parpool Create parallel pool on cluster
delete (Pool) Shut down parallel pool
redistribute Redistribute codistributed array with another distribution scheme Create codistributed array from distributed data
for for-loop over distributed range
getLocalPart Local portion of codistributed array
globalIndices Global indices for local part of codistributed array
gop Global operation across all workers


distributed Access elements of distributed arrays from client
codistributed Access elements of arrays distributed among workers in parallel pool
Composite Access nondistributed variables on multiple workers from client
codistributor1d 1-D distribution scheme for codistributed array
codistributor2dbc 2-D block-cyclic distribution scheme for codistributed array
parallel.Pool Access parallel pool
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