Functions in Simscape

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  • Physical Modeling


    ssc_new Create new Simscape model populated by required and commonly used blocks

    Physical Units

    pm_adddimension Adds new dimension to unit registry
    pm_addunit Add new unit to unit registry
    pm_getdimensions Get information about all dimensions in unit registry
    pm_getunits Get information about all units in unit registry


    Data Logging

    simscape.logging.plot Plot logged simulation data for node or series
    simscape.logging.plotxy Plot logged simulation data for one node or series against another
    simscape.logging.Node Represent hierarchy tree for simulation data
    simscape.logging.Series Represent time-value series for simulation data


    Simscape File Deployment

    simscape.dependency.file Check dependencies for single file
    simscape.dependency.lib Check dependencies for library package
    simscape.dependency.model Check dependencies for model
    sl_postprocess Make postprocessing customizations when building custom block library
    ssc_build Build custom library from collection of Simscape files
    ssc_clean Clean all derived files generated by library build process
    ssc_mirror Create protected mirror of library of Simscape files
    ssc_protect Generate Simscape protected files from source files
    ssc_reserved List reserved words
    ssc_update Update Simscape component files to use new syntax
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