Data Import

Touchstone data files, AMP files, network parameter data entry


read Read RF data from file to new or existing circuit or data object
restore Restore data to original frequencies
sparameters Create S-parameter object
yparameters Create Y-parameter object
zparameters Create Z-parameter object
abcdparameters Create ABCD parameter object
gparameters Create hybrid-g parameter object
hparameters Create hybrid parameter object
tparameters Create T-parameter object


rfckt.amplifier RF amplifier
rfckt.datafile Component or network from file data
rfckt.mixer 2-port representation of RF mixer and its local oscillator
rfckt.passive Passive component or network Store result of circuit object analysis
rfdata.ip3 Store frequency-dependent, third-order intercept points
rfdata.mixerspur Store data from intermodulation table Store frequency-dependent network parameters Store frequency-dependent noise figure data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.noise Store frequency-dependent spot noise data for amplifiers or mixers
rfdata.power Store output power and phase information for amplifiers or mixers
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