Simulink Report Generator Functions

compwiz Create custom MATLAB Report Generator components
mlreportgen.dom.AllowBreakAcrossPages Allow row to straddle page break
mlreportgen.dom.AutoNumber Automatically generated number
mlreportgen.dom.AutoNumberStream Numbering stream
mlreportgen.dom.BackgroundColor Background color of document element
mlreportgen.dom.Bold Bold for text object
mlreportgen.dom.Border Border properties of object
mlreportgen.dom.BorderCollapse Collapse HTML table borders
mlreportgen.dom.CharEntity Create character entity reference
mlreportgen.dom.Color Color of document element
mlreportgen.dom.ColSep Draw lines between table columns
mlreportgen.dom.Container Container of document objects
mlreportgen.dom.Container.append Append DOM object to container
mlreportgen.dom.Container.clone Copy container object
mlreportgen.dom.CounterInc Number stream counter incrementer
mlreportgen.dom.CounterReset Reset numbering stream counter
mlreportgen.dom.CustomAttribute Custom element attribute
mlreportgen.dom.CustomElement Custom element of document
mlreportgen.dom.CustomElement.append Append HTML content to custom element
mlreportgen.dom.CustomText Plain text appended to custom element
mlreportgen.dom.DebugMessage Debugging message
mlreportgen.dom.Document Report definition document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.addHTML Append HTML string to document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.addHTMLFile Append HTML file contents to document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.append Append DOM or MATLAB object to document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.close Close document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.createAutoNumberStream Create numbering stream
mlreportgen.dom.Document.createTemplate Create DOM template
mlreportgen.dom.Document.fill Fill document holes with generated content
mlreportgen.dom.Document.getAutoNumberStream Return numbering stream
mlreportgen.dom.Document.getCoreProperties Get document or template core properties
mlreportgen.dom.Document.getImageDirectory Get image folder of document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.getImagePrefix Get generated image name prefix
mlreportgen.dom.Document.getMainPartPath Return path of main part of document output package
mlreportgen.dom.Document.getOPCMainPart Return main part of document, document part, or template
mlreportgen.dom.Document.moveToNextHole Move document append point to next template hole Open document
mlreportgen.dom.Document.package Add OPC part files to document package
mlreportgen.dom.Document.setCoreProperties Set OPC core properties of output document or template
mlreportgen.dom.DocumentPart Document part
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageFooter Page footer definition for Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageHeader Page header definition for Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageMargins Page margins for Microsoft Word page layout
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXPageSize Size and orientation of pages in Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXRawFormat XML markup for array of Microsoft Word formats
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXSection Page format and layout for Microsoft Word document section
mlreportgen.dom.DOCXSubDoc Reference to external Microsoft Word document
mlreportgen.dom.ErrorMessage Error message
mlreportgen.dom.ExternalLink Hyperlink to a location outside of document
mlreportgen.dom.ExternalLink.append Append custom element to external link
mlreportgen.dom.FirstLineIndent Indent first line of paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.FlowDirection Direction of text or table column flow
mlreportgen.dom.FontFamily Font family
mlreportgen.dom.FontSize Font size
mlreportgen.dom.FormalTable Formal table
mlreportgen.dom.FormalTable.appendFooterRow Append row to table footer
mlreportgen.dom.FormalTable.appendHeaderRow Append row to table header
mlreportgen.dom.Group Group of document objects
mlreportgen.dom.Group.append Add DOM object to group
mlreportgen.dom.HAlign Specify horizontal alignment of document object
mlreportgen.dom.Heading Heading paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Height Height of object
mlreportgen.dom.HTML Convert HTML text to container of DOM objects
mlreportgen.dom.HTML.append Append HTML string to HTML object
mlreportgen.dom.HTML.clone Copy HTML object
mlreportgen.dom.HTMLFile Convert contents of HTML file to container of DOM objects
mlreportgen.dom.HTMLFile.append Append HTML to HTMLFile object
mlreportgen.dom.Image Create image to be included in report
mlreportgen.dom.ImageArea Define image area as hyperlink
mlreportgen.dom.ImageMap Map of hyperlink areas in image
mlreportgen.dom.InnerMargin Margin between content and bounding box
mlreportgen.dom.InternalLink Hyperlink to a location in same document
mlreportgen.dom.Italic Italic for text object
mlreportgen.dom.KeepLinesTogether Start paragraph on new page if necessary
mlreportgen.dom.KeepWithNext Keep paragraph on same page as next
mlreportgen.dom.LineSpacing Spacing between lines of paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.LinkTarget Target for internal or external links or image area links
mlreportgen.dom.LinkTarget.append Append content to link target
mlreportgen.dom.ListItem Create item for ordered or unordered list
mlreportgen.dom.MessageDispatcher DOM message dispatcher
mlreportgen.dom.MessageDispatcher.dispatch Dispatch DOM status message
mlreportgen.dom.MessageDispatcher.getTheDispatcher Return DOM message dispatcher
mlreportgen.dom.MessageEventData Holds message triggering message event
mlreportgen.dom.MessageFilter Filter to control message dispatcher
mlreportgen.dom.OPCPart Document part to include in OPC package
mlreportgen.dom.OrderedList Create ordered list
mlreportgen.dom.OrderedList.append Append content to ordered list
mlreportgen.dom.OuterMargin Margin between bounding box and its surroundings
mlreportgen.dom.OutlineLevel Level of paragraph in outline
mlreportgen.dom.PageBreakBefore Start paragraph on new page
mlreportgen.dom.Paragraph Formatted block of text (paragraph)
mlreportgen.dom.Paragraph.append Append content to paragraph
mlreportgen.dom.Paragraph.clone Copy paragraph object
mlreportgen.dom.ProgressMessage Progress message
mlreportgen.dom.ProgressMessage.formatAsHTML Wrap message in HTML tags
mlreportgen.dom.ProgressMessage.formatAsText Format message as text
mlreportgen.dom.ProgressMessage.passesFilter Determine if message passes filter
mlreportgen.dom.RawText Word XML or HTML markup to insert in document
mlreportgen.dom.RepeatAsHeaderRow Repeat table row
mlreportgen.dom.ResizeToFitContents Allow table to resize its columns
mlreportgen.dom.RowHeight Height of table row
mlreportgen.dom.RowSep Draw lines between table rows
mlreportgen.dom.ScaleToFit Scale image to fit page
mlreportgen.dom.Strike Strike through text
mlreportgen.dom.Table Create table
mlreportgen.dom.Table.entry Access table entry
mlreportgen.dom.Table.row Access table row
mlreportgen.dom.TableBody Body of formal table
mlreportgen.dom.TableColSpec Formatting for one or more adjacent table columns
mlreportgen.dom.TableColSpecGroup Define style for group of table columns
mlreportgen.dom.TableEntry Table entry
mlreportgen.dom.TableFooter Formal table footer
mlreportgen.dom.TableHeader Table header
mlreportgen.dom.TableHeaderEntry Entry in table header
mlreportgen.dom.TableRow Table row
mlreportgen.dom.TableRow.append Append content to table row
mlreportgen.dom.Template Create document template
mlreportgen.dom.TemplateHole Hole to append to template
mlreportgen.dom.Text Text object
mlreportgen.dom.Underline Draw line under text
mlreportgen.dom.UnorderedList Unordered (bulleted) list
mlreportgen.dom.VAlign Vertical alignment of document object
mlreportgen.dom.VerticalAlign Vertical alignment of text
mlreportgen.dom.WarningMessage Warning message
mlreportgen.dom.WhiteSpace White space type
mlreportgen.dom.WidowOrphanControl Widow and orphan handling
mlreportgen.dom.Width Object width
report Generate report from specified Simulink system
rptconvert Convert DocBook XML files into supported document formats
rptlist Return list of all report s in MATLAB path
rptview Display DOM report
setedit Start Report Explorer
slwebview Export Simulink models to Web views
unzipTemplate Unzip zipped DOM template
zipTemplate Package DOM HTML template in zip file
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