SimEvents Functions

continueFcn Continue observer when model simulation continues after pause
entityAdvance Detect advance of entities from one block to another
entityCombine Detect combination of component entities into composite entity
entityDestroy Detect destruction of entity
entityGenerate Detect entity generation
entityQueue Detect entity enqueuing
entityReplicate Detect replication of entity
entitySplit Detect composite entity splitting into component entities
eventCancel Detect when block cancels event
eventExecute Detect when block executes event
eventSchedule Detect when block schedules event
getBlocksToObserve Blocks to observe during model simulation
getPace Pace at which simulation runs
help Help for debugger functions
initialize Initialize visualization during model initialization
pauseFcn Pause observer when model pauses simulation
se_getdbopts SimEvents debugger options structure
se_getseeds Seed values of random number generators in blocks
se_randomizeseeds Randomize seeds
se_setseeds Set seed values for blocks with random number generators
sedb.animate Turn on or off animation and control speed
sedb.bdelete Delete breakpoints in discrete-event simulation
sedb.blkbreak Set breakpoint for discrete-event simulation block
sedb.blkinfo Block information in discrete-event simulation
sedb.blklist Blocks and their identifiers in discrete-event simulation
sedb.breakpoints List breakpoints in discrete-event simulation
sedb.cont Continue simulation until next breakpoint
sedb.currentop Current operation in discrete-event simulation
sedb.detail Customize debugger simulation log in discrete-event simulation
sedb.disable Disable breakpoints in discrete-event simulation
sedb.enable Enable breakpoints in discrete-event simulation
sedb.enbreak Set breakpoint on operation involving target entity
sedb.eninfo Entity information in discrete-event simulation
sedb.evbreak Set breakpoint for execution or cancellation of event
sedb.evcal Event calendar of discrete-event simulation
sedb.evinfo Event information in discrete-event simulation
sedb.gceb Name of currently executing block in discrete-event simulation
sedb.gcebid Identifier of currently executing block in discrete-event simulation
sedb.gcen Identifier of entity currently undergoing operation
sedb.gcev Identifier of current event
sedb.quit Quit discrete-event simulation debugging session
sedb.runtoend Run until end of discrete-event simulation
sedb.simtime Current time in discrete-event simulation
sedb.step Single step in discrete-event simulation
sedb.tbreak Set timed breakpoint in discrete-event simulation
sedebug Debug discrete-event simulation
seupdate Update models from previous releases
simevents Open SimEvents library
simevents.connectObserver Connect observer to model
simevents.CustomObserverInterface Monitor and visualize event and entity activity during model simulation
simevents.CustomObserverInterface Create custom observer object
simevents.disconnectObserver Disconnect observer from model
simeventslib Open SimEvents library
terminate Terminate animation when model terminates
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