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Thread Subject:
HOW TO USE SERIAL PORTS / Mouse input into simulation

Subject: HOW TO USE SERIAL PORTS / Mouse input into simulation

From: Tobi Delbruck

Date: 17 Mar, 1999 01:16:02

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i got some routines called portcom via the matlab site.

here is part of the matlab solution # 5283 that has the pointer

DSP Technology has made a file available at the following URL:

they work, you have to setup the port using the dos "mode" command,
as in
mode com1: baud=9600 parity=e data=8
before you use the portcom mex file


polvo wrote:

> My question is somewhat related to this subject...
> I would like to read (x,y) values from mouse and feed it into a simulink
> model, in real time (not a complex model).
> Any one knows a way to do it ???
> (x,y could be ailerons and elevator controls for an aircraft model, thus
> allowing to manually fly a flight simulator running in matlab!)
> Looking forward to hear some ideas,
> Luis Sebastiao (
> Chris Kmiecik wrote:
> > In case you haven't found a response to your e-mail of long ago, I do
> > have routines to access the serial port under Windows for Workgroups.
> > I am still trying to complete similar MATLAB calls under Windows NT.

Tobi Delbruck
Institute for Neuroinformatics, UniZ/ETHZ
Winterhurerstr. 190
8057 Zurich, Switzerland
phone +41 1/635 30 38 fax +41 1/635 30 53

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