Energy Production

  • Electricity Load Forecasting with MATLAB

    Watch video 1:37

  • 50Hertz Transmission: Reducing the Curtailment Amount of Renewable Energy Using Efficiency-Based Allocation

    Watch video 26:21

  • Bonneville Power Administration: Synchrophasor Applications Using MATLAB

    Watch video 26:49

  • Transpower: Keeping New Zealand's Lights On

    Watch video 25:29

  • OSIsoft: A Predictive Model of Building Power Usage Through PI System and MATLAB Integration

    Watch video 44:44

  • E.ON Ruhrgas: From Pricing to Asset Optimization – MATLAB Based Applications at E.ON

    Watch video 17:01

Scientists and engineers in the oil and gas and electric power industries use MATLAB® and Simulink® products to:

  • Develop, test, and implement increasingly complex financial and engineering models
  • Analyze substantial volumes of data
  • Gain workflow improvements through automation

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