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MATLAB for Neuroscientists

MATLAB for Neuroscientists: An Introduction to Scientific Computing in MATLAB

Written for students and researchers, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB and its use within the fields of neuroscience and psychology. The book aims to empower users of MATLAB to design and implement their own analytical tools. Topics covered include stimulus generation, experimental control, data collection, data analysis, and modeling.

MATLAB is used throughout the book to solve many application examples. In addition, a supplemental set of MATLAB files is available for download on the publisher’s site (login required).

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Pascal Wallisch, New York University
Mike Lusignan, University of Chicago
Marc Benayoun, University of Chicago
Tanya I. Baker, The Salk Institute
Adam S. Dickey, University of Chicago
Nicho G. Hatsopoulos, University of Chicago

Academic Press, 2008

ISBN: 978-0-12-374551-4
Language: English