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The MathWorks Authorized Student Software Reseller Program

Please refer to the MathWorks Authorized Student Software Reseller Agreement (PDF) for information on how to become a MathWorks Authorized Student Software Reseller. Interested resellers should fill out the registration form in the agreement and send a scanned copy as an email attachment to Your application is subject to approval by MathWorks.  You should not place Student Software orders until your application is approved by a MathWorks representative.

Ordering Information

Product name: MATLAB and Simulink Student Software

Part Number Contents ISBN
SVKIT2 Includes Student Software media-less package only 978-0-9896-140-23
SVPK2 Includes five SVKIT2, Student Software poster and a cardboard display case. 978-0-9896-140-23

You have two options for ordering:

  • Fax your order to +44-1223 226710.
  • Call MathWorks, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. (GMT) at +44-1223 226700

Please specify any special shipping requirements with your order


Please refer to the MathWorks Authorized Student Software Reseller Agreement (PDF) for details on pricing.

Shipping Information

A complete, correct order is typically processed within one business day, if it is received Monday through Friday.  Delivery will take up to ten (10) business days.

Return Policy

Please refer to the MathWorks On-Campus Bookstore Reseller Information and Agreement (PDF) for details on the return policy.

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