Free Production Code Generation Evaluation Kit (Based on Eclipse IDE) – Featuring the Simulink Data Dictionary

Learn the basics through this interactive tutorial, which focuses on C code generation for microcontroller units (MCUs).

Free Production Code Generation Evaluation Kit (Based on Eclipse IDE) – Featuring the Simulink Data Dictionary

This downloadable evaluation kit provides an interactive tutorial that guides you through the code generation process using Simulink and Embedded Coder with the Eclipse IDE™. The tutorial takes up to three hours to complete but can be done incrementally. Upon completion, you will have a thorough understanding of techniques for generating production-quality code with Model-Based Design. The tutorial includes the following modules:

  • Introduction: Shows basic configuration steps to embedded code generation models
  • Understanding the Model: Introduces the model from a behavioral and structural perspective, explains how code is generated, and shows the basics of configuring the model
  • Configuring the Data Interface: Covers the specification of signals and parameters in the generated code
  • Function Partitioning Within the Generated Code: Shows how to associate subsystems in the model with specific function names and files
  • Calling External C Code from the Simulink Model and Generated Code: Introduces the Legacy Code Tool as a method for calling external functions. The Legacy Code Tool enables you to call the external function from within the simulation and in the generated code
  • Integrating the Generated Code into the External Environment (with Eclipse IDE): Provides an overview of the external build process, including what files are required and the interfaces you use to call the generated code
  • Testing the Generated Code (with Eclipse IDE): Shows two approaches for validating the generated code: the use of system-level S-functions and running code in an external environment
  • Optimizing the Generated Code: Reviews the build characteristics of the generated code. Provides RAM/ROM data for several model configurations
  • Installing Cygwin and Eclipse (Optional Step)

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