News for the MATLAB and Simulink community

February 2020

Teaching Deep Learning with MATLAB

Curated course curricula, textbooks, and code examples to teach AI in your classroom.

MATLAB and Simulink in the World: Emerging Companies on a Mission

Biology-guided radiotherapy, broadband SuperTowers, intelligent electric scooters ... Combining novel technologies with bold vision, emerging companies are improving the lives of entire communities.

Practical Data Science with MATLAB Online Course

Completing this Coursera specialization will give you the skills and confidence you need to achieve practical results quickly.

Using Live Editor Tasks

Interactively explore parameters, immediately see results, and generate code for data preprocessing steps in your workflow.

Agile Model-Based Design: Accelerating Simulink Simulations in Continuous Integration Workflows

Manage and share Simulink cache files in a typical Agile development workflow that uses Git for source control and Jenkins for continuous integration.

ADALM-PLUTO from Analog Devices

Software-defined radio active learning module