MATLAB Academic Tour 2017

MATLAB Tools for Teaching and Research

An Introduction to Predictive Data Analytics

In the first half of this seminar, we will explore the teaching and research tools available in MATLAB with the Total Academic Headcount license (campus-wide access license) and e-learning platforms, such as:

  • Cody Coursework for automatic correction of exercises
  • Online courses that allow students to learn at their own pace

The second part of the seminar will be delivered in English. You will learn how using data analytics to turn large volumes of complex data into actionable information can help you improve engineering design and decision-making processes. However, developing effective analytics and integrating them into business systems can be challenging. During this seminar, you will also learn about the approaches and techniques available in MATLAB to tackle these challenges.

23 October
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
24 October
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
25 October
Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
26 October
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
27 October
Universidad de Valencia

About the Speaker

Loren Shure, MathWorks