Haver Analytics is the premier provider of time-series data for the global strategy and research community. In addition to our primary-sourced databases, we also carry a wealth of key survey and forecast data from our industry partners.

Those engaged in macro research, strategy implementation, and risk management, can count on Haver for detailed global statistics and the rapid delivery of reliable data, supported in full by our staff of experienced economists.

Work more efficiently and be confident in the data behind your analysis.

Model IT

Model IT offers innovative software products, advisory services, and tailored solutions for the financial sector. Model IT’s core analytical products are MATLAB® based and provide market-leading interactive visualisations for exploring and managing risks in the balance sheet. People at Model IT have a strong background in banking and insurance, and their core competency is understanding the business their clients run.

MOSEK ApS provides optimisation software that helps clients make better decisions. Their customer base consists of financial institutions and companies, as well as engineering and software vendors, among others.

MOSEK ApS was established in 1997 by Erling D. Andersen and Knud D. Andersen. The company specialises in creating advanced software for solution of mathematical optimisation problems. In particular, the company focuses on solution of large-scale linear, quadratic, and conic optimisation problems.

RavenPack is the leading big data analytics provider for financial services. Financial professionals rely on RavenPack for its speed and accuracy in analysing large amounts of unstructured textual content. The company’s products allow clients to enhance returns, reduce risk, and increase efficiency by systematically incorporating data-driven insights on news, social media, and proprietary textual content in their models or workflows. RavenPack’s clients include the most successful hedge funds, banks, and asset managers in the world.