Develop complex technical computing applications

Object-oriented programming is a formal programming approach that combines data and associated actions (methods) into logical structures (objects). This approach improves the ability to manage software complexity—particularly important when developing and maintaining large applications and data structures.

The object-oriented programming capabilities of the MATLAB® language enable you to develop complex technical computing applications faster than with other languages, such as C++, C#, and Java™. You can define classes and apply standard object-oriented design patterns in MATLAB that enable code reuse, inheritance, encapsulation, and reference behavior without engaging in the low-level housekeeping tasks required by other languages.

Object-oriented programming in MATLAB involves using:

  • Class definition files, enabling definition of properties, methods, and events
  • Classes with reference behavior, aiding the creation of data structures such as linked lists
  • Events and listeners, allowing the monitoring of object property changes and actions

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