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Hardware and Device Drivers

Registering the Hardware Driver Adaptor

When you first create a device object, the associated hardware driver adaptor is automatically registered. The data acquisition engine can now make use of its services.

The hardware driver adaptors included with the toolbox are all located in the daq/private folder. These are the full names for each adaptor.

Supported Vendors/Device Types and Full Adaptor Names

Vendor/Device Type

Full Adaptor Name

National Instruments®


Windows® sound cards


Device Driver Registration

If you are using a Windows Vista™ or a Windows 7 system and cannot register device drivers, you could have UAC enabled on the system. Refer to this technical bulletin for more information.

Hardware Diagnostics

Run daqsupport to get diagnostic information for all installed hardware adaptors on your system. Use this information to diagnose issues with your hardware. Make sure you include this information when you contact MathWorks® support.