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Generate model Web view


Include the model Web view in the code generation report to navigate between the code and model within the same window. You can share your model and generated code outside of the MATLAB environment. You must have a Simulink® Report Generator™ license to include a Web view (Simulink Report Generator) of the model in the code generation report.

Category: Code Generation > Report


Default: Off


Include model Web view in the code generation report.


Omit model Web view in the code generation report.



  • This parameter only appears for ERT-based targets.

  • This parameter requires an Embedded Coder® license when generating code.

  • This parameter is enabled by Create code generation report.

  • To enable traceability between the code and model, select Code-to-model and Model-to-code.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: GenerateWebview
Type: string
Value: 'on' | 'off'
Default: 'off'

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNo impact
TraceabilityNo impact
EfficiencyNo impact
Safety precautionNo impact

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