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Code Generation Output Parameter

You can specify whether or not to generate HDL code by using the Generate HDL code parameter. In the Configuration Parameters dialog box, select HDL Code Generation > Global Settings > Advanced > Code generation output.

Generate HDL code

Enable or disable HDL code generation for the model or Subsystem. To specify the Subsystem that you want to generate HDL code for, use the Generate HDL for parameter. Then, click the Generate button in the HDL Code Generation pane. By default, the HDL code is generated in VHDL language and put into the hdlsrc folder.


Default: On


Select this setting to generate HDL code.


When you clear this setting, you cannot generate HDL code for the model.

Command-Line Information

Property: GenerateHDLCode
Type: character vector
Value: 'on' | 'off'
Default: 'on'

To set this property, use the functions hdlset_param or makehdl. To view the property value, use the function hdlget_param.

By default, the GenerateHDLCode property is selected. To generate code, use the makehdl function. For example, this command generates HDL code for the symmetric_fir subsystem inside the sfir_fixed model.


Control Code Generation Output

Property: CodeGenerationOutput
Type: character vector
Value: 'GenerateHDLCode' | 'GenerateHDLCodeAndDisplayGeneratedModel''DisplayGeneratedModelOnly'
Default: 'GenerateHDLCode'

By default, HDL Coder™ creates a model called the generated model when you generate HDL code. The generated model uses HDL-specific block implementations, and it implements the area and speed optimizations that you specify in your Simulink® model. The code generator creates the generated model but does not display the model by default. To control display of the generated model, use the CodeGenerationOutput property.

This example shows how to generate HDL code, and then display the generated model by using makehdl.

makehdl('sfir_fixed/symmetric_fir', ... 

If you specify DisplayGeneratedModelOnly, the code generator displays the generated model but does not proceed to code generation.

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