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OPC Quality Parts

Convert OPC quality ID into vendor, major, minor, and limit status

  • Library:
  • Industrial Communication Toolbox

  • OPC Quality Parts block


The OPC Quality Parts block converts an OPC quality ID vector into four parts:

  • Vendor status

  • Major quality

  • Quality substatus

  • Limit status

The Quality output port of an OPC Read block generates quality IDs. For more information on quality parts, see OPC Quality.



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OPC quality ID integer, typically connected to the Quality output port of an OPC Read block.

Data Types: uint16


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Quality ID information specific to the vendor.

Data Types: uint16

Major quality value, indicating bad (0), uncertain (1), or good (3) quality. For more information, see Major Quality.

Data Types: uint16

Each major quality status has an additional substatus that describes the quality of the value in more detail. The interpretation of the substatus value depends on whether its major quality is good, uncertain, or bad. See Quality Substatus.

Data Types: uint16

The limit status of the quality value, indicating that the value is not limited (0), fixed at a lower limit (1), fixed at an upper limit (2), or constant (3). See Limit Status.

Data Types: uint16

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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