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VXIplug&play Driver

Communicate with instruments that use a VXIplug&play driver

The Instrument Control Toolbox™ can communicate with hardware using VXIplug&play drivers. Most often, the instrument manufacturers supply these drivers.


clearRemove instrument objects from MATLAB workspace
connectConnect device object to instrument
deleteRemove instrument objects from memory
disconnectDisconnect device object from instrument
dispDisplay instrument object summary information
deviceresetReset instrument
getInstrument object properties
geterrorCheck and return error message from instrument
icdeviceCreate device object
instrhwinfoInformation about available hardware
instrresetDisconnect and delete all instrument objects
invokeExecute driver-specific function on device object
propinfoInstrument object property information
setConfigure or display instrument object properties
trigger(To be removed) Send trigger message to instrument
instrhelpHelp for instrument object type, function, or property
inspectOpen Property Inspector
instrcallbackDisplay event information when event occurs
instrfindRead instrument objects from memory to MATLAB workspace
instrfindallFind visible and hidden instrument objects
instridDefine and retrieve commands that identify instruments
instrnotifyDefine notification for instrument events
isvalidDetermine whether instrument objects are valid
lengthLength of instrument object array
loadLoad instrument objects and variables into MATLAB workspace
makemidConvert driver to MATLAB instrument driver format
methodsClass method names and descriptions
obj2mfileConvert instrument object to MATLAB code
saveSave instrument objects and variables to MAT-file
selftestRun instrument self-test
sizeSize of instrument object array


Test and Measurement ToolControl oscilloscopes and other instruments


VXIplug&play Drivers

Determining whether your system is configured to use VXIplug&play drivers, creating MATLAB® VXIplug&play instrument drivers, and creating device objects.

VXIplug&play Setup

Standard VXIplug&play drivers and the configurations required for them.

Instrument Control Toolbox Properties

These properties are available in the toolbox.