Access Basemaps in MATLAB

The MathWorks® offers a selection of six basemaps for use with geographic axes and charts. The basemaps provide a variety of display options, from two-tone, land-ocean raster maps to color terrain maps. For more information, see the Basemap property in GeographicAxes Properties.

MathWorks includes one basemap with the product, a two-toned map named 'darkwater'. Use of this basemap does not require internet access. All of the other basemaps require internet access. If you do not have reliable access to the internet, or want to improve map responsiveness, you can download the basemaps that are hosted by the MathWorks onto your local system.

To download basemaps:

  1. On the MATLAB® Home tab, in the Environment section, click Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons.

  2. In the Add-On Explorer, scroll to the MathWorks Features section, and click show all to find the basemap packages. You can also search for the basemap add-ons by name (listed in the following table) or click Features in Filter by Type.

  3. Select the basemap data packages that you want to download.

    Basemap NameBasemap Data Package Name
    'bluegreen'MATLAB Basemap Data - bluegreen
    'grayland'MATLAB Basemap Data - grayland
    'colorterrain'MATLAB Basemap Data - colorterrain
    'grayterrain'MATLAB Basemap Data - grayterrain
    'landcover'MATLAB Basemap Data - landcover

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