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Find Board Name

Currently the MATLAB® Support Package for Arduino® Hardware supports the hardware listed in the table. Use arduino to establish a connection to your Arduino hardware.

Arduino BoardString used to create the arduino object
Arduino UnoUno
Arduino DueDue
Arduino Mega 2560Mega2560
Arduino LeonardoLeonardo
Arduino Mega ADKMegaADK
Arduino MicroMicro
Arduino MKR1000 MKR1000
Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 MKR1010
Arduino MKR ZeroMKRZero
Arduino Nano 3.1Nano3
Arduino Nano 33 IoTNano33IoT
Arduino Pro Mini (ATmega328)ProMini328_3V, ProMini328_5V
Arduino Nano 33 BLENano33BLE
Arduino Nano 33 BLE SenseNano33BLE
Arduino-compatible BoardsaString used to create the arduino object
Sparkfun Digital SandboxDigitalSandbox
SparkFun RedboardUno
Sainsmart UnoUno
Sainsmart Mega 2560Mega2560
Seeeduino V4.2Uno
Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino (powered by Seeeduino Lotus)Uno

a The Arduino-compatible boards listed in the table have been tested. If you are using other Arduino-compatible boards, refer to the product documentation of the board for the board name you can use.

Arduino-compatible ESP32 Development BoardsString used to create the arduino object