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Use Autocomplete

Autocomplete in MATLAB® Mobile™ makes typing easier by suggesting names of functions, methods, keywords, properties, MATLAB objects, files, folders, variables, and structures.

To use autocomplete, enter two or more characters of a term and select an option from the displayed suggestions.

Example of autocomplete on Android

You can:

  • Swipe left or right to scroll through the list.

  • Tap outside of the list (iOS) or use the Back button (Android) to clear the list.

  • Add additional characters to narrow a long list before making a selection.

  • Complete parts of a name that uses dot notation by adding a dot.

For MATLAB Mobile to complete a file or folder name, it must be on the search path or in the current folder. Variables and properties must be in the current workspace.

Case Sensitivity

The autocomplete suggestions that MATLAB Mobile displays are case-sensitive, and depend on whether a term contains upper- or lower-case characters.


  • Entering Pe at the command prompt displays multiple suggestions:

    Example of autocorrect suggestions for the letters capital "P" and lowercase "e"

  • Entering pe displays a different set of suggestions:

    Example of autocorrect suggestions for the lowercase letters "p" and "e"

Turn Autocomplete On or Off

Autocomplete is turned on by default. Use the Autocomplete setting to turn it off, or to turn it back on again.

  1. Tap the menu bar Menu bar icon and then tap Settings.

  2. Under Command Settings, tap the toggle switch to turn Autocomplete on or off.

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