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Path to folder containing log files


--log-root path


--log-root path specifies the location of the folder where a MATLAB® Production Server™ instance writes log files. This property is available only for an on-premises server installation.

The server creates the following log files when it starts.

  • main.log — Most recent log file.

  • main.out — Captures standard output from the main process.

  • main.err — Captures standard error output from the main process.

  • main__DATE__SERIAL.log — Main process log. When a server instance restarts or the size of main.log reaches the limit set by the log-rotation-size property, the server renames main.log to main__DATE__SERIAL.log and archives it in the folder set by the log-archive-root property. The default archive location is the old_logs folder of a server instance.


Omitting this property disables all logging.



Path to the folder containing log files for a server instance.


  • For on-premises server instances created using the command line, update this server configuration property in the main_config server configuration file.

  • For on-premises server instances created using the dashboard and for server deployments in the cloud, use the dashboard and cloud dashboard, respectively, to update the server configuration property.

Configure Using Command Line

Store Server Logs in Default Location in log Folder of Server Instance

In the main_config file, set the log-root property to the following:

--log-root ./log