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Get Command-Line Function Help

To get command-line function help, use the MATLAB® help function. For example, to get help for the opcserverinfo function, type

help opcserverinfo

To get help on a particular HDA function, use the opchda prefix. For example to get help on the HDA equivalent of the opcserverinfo function, type

help opchdaserverinfo

OPC Toolbox™ software also provides its own versions of several MATLAB functions, using the same function names. For example, the toolbox provides a version of the isvalid function. When you type

help isvalid

you get help for the MATLAB handle object version of this function. If there are multiple versions of a function available, the help indicates this. For isvalid, the help contains this line:

Other functions named isvalid

If necessary, click that link to view the function list. You might see a listing like this.

Other functions named isvalid:
       handle/isvalid, timer/isvalid, serial/isvalid, instrument/isvalid,
       imaqdevice/isvalid, imaqchild/isvalid, vrworld/isvalid,
       vrnode/isvalid, vrfigure/isvalid, daqdevice/isvalid,
       daqchild/isvalid, icgroup/isvalid, xregpointer/isvalid,
       idnlgrey/isvalid, iconnect/isvalid, opcroot/isvalid.

To get help on the OPC Toolbox version of this function, click the appropriate link, or type

help opcroot/isvalid

To avoid specifying which version to view, use the opchelp function.

opchelp isvalid

You can also use opchelp to get help on OPC Toolbox object properties.

opchelp EventLog