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Fixed-Cost Simulation

Fixed-step, fixed-cost capability evaluation; solver selection; balancing speed and accuracy

The fixed-step solver type, step size, and number of iterations that you specify for a model affect the speed and accuracy of your real-time simulation. The real-time simulation workflow helps you choose fixed-cost solver settings that allow your model to run on a target machine without generating overruns.


simscape.getLocalSolverFixedCostInfoDetermine iteration requirement when transitioning to fixed cost


Real-Time Simulation Workflow

Configure the solvers in your Simscape™ model for real-time simulation.

Fixed-Cost Simulation for Real-Time Viability

Avoid real-time simulation overruns by choosing a step size and number of iterations that limit the computational cost of simulating your Simscape model.

Solvers for Real-Time Simulation

The fixed-step solver, step size, and number of iterations that you specify affect how your Simscape model simulates in real time.

Determine System Stiffness

Choose the right solver for fixed-cost simulation based on the numerical stiffness of your model.

Choose Step Size and Number of Iterations

Optimize your Simscape model for real-time simulation and avoid overruns by specifying a combination of step size and number of iterations that provides acceptable accuracy and speed.

Estimate Computation Costs

Determine if your Simscape model is likely to cause an overrun when you simulate it on your real-time target machine by estimating computational costs.

Troubleshooting Real-Time Simulation Issues

Solve issues that cause your Simscape model to overrun during real-time simulation by using real-time workflows and Performance Advisor checks.