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Building and Simulating Electronic, Mechatronic, and Electrical Power System Networks

Model construction techniques, best practices

Learn essential modeling and simulation techniques, such as how to:

  • Switch between composite and expanded three-phase ports

  • Switch between physical signal and electrical ports

  • Simulate thermal effects using thermal ports


Circuit Simulation OnrampSelf-paced, interactive tutorial included with Simscape Electrical license


Essential Electrical Modeling Techniques

Apply Simscape™ modeling rules when you build electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power system networks using Simscape Electrical™.

Three-Phase Ports

Connect three-phase blocks using composite ports for three-phase lines or expanded ports for single-phase lines.

Switch Between Physical Signal and Electrical Ports

Switch between a physical signal port and an electrical conserving port on a Simscape Electrical block.

Selecting the Output Model for Logic Blocks

Explore the two output models available for logic blocks.

Simulating an Electronic, Mechatronic, or Electrical Power System

Explore best practices and techniques for simulating Simscape Electrical models.

Simulating Thermal Effects in Semiconductors

Simulate generated heat and device temperature by using the thermal ports.

Simulating Thermal Effects in Rotational and Translational Actuators

Simulate generated heat and device temperature by using the thermal ports.

Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) Hybrid Solar Panel

Model a multi-domain power cogeneration system using Simscape, Simscape Electrical, and Simscape Fluids™.

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