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Tools for creating and modifying roads, lanes, junctions, props, and terrain

RoadRunner displays tools on the Tool Bar or the Sub-Tool Bar. Use these tools to view, create, or modify objects in your scenes.

  • Common Tool Paradigms
    Learn about common behaviors shared by many tools in RoadRunner
  • Road Tools
    Create and modify roads and their attributes
  • Junction Tools
    Modify junction (intersection) geometry and lane connectivity
  • Lane Tools
    Create and edit lanes and their properties
  • Marking Tools
    Create and modify road paint, lane markings, and decals in the scene
  • Prop Tools
    Create and modify 3D props and road furniture, such as trees, signs, and guardrails
  • Terrain Tools
    Create and modify the surfaces surrounding and between roads
  • GIS Tools
    Import and adjust a variety of common GIS (geographic information system) files
  • Utility Tools
    Measure distances, capture screenshots, and preview export data