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Crosswalk Marking Assets

Crosswalk Marking Asset sample

Crosswalk marking assets describe the general properties of a crosswalk marking, such as color, width, spacing, and so on. These assets are used by features such as the Crosswalk And Stop Line Tool and the Marking Curve Tool.


Create these assets from within the RoadRunner Library Browser.

Refer to the Library Browser page for general instructions to create, edit, and delete assets.

Crosswalk Asset Attributes

WidthWidth between the centers of the left/right stripes.
Border WidthWidth of the left/right stripes.
Dash Length

Length of each dash in ladder-style crosswalks.

If zero, no dash will be present.

Dash GapLength between dashes in ladder-style crosswalks.
Default Material

Material used by crosswalk instances. This material will be used by any crosswalk instances that do not have an overriding material (that is, crosswalks that do not have an assigned "Material" attribute in the Marking Curve Attributes.)

Changing this value will impact any existing crosswalk instances (except those that have an overriding material assigned).

CategorySegmentation type for this marking asset.