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Stencil Marking Assets

Stencil Marking Asset

Stencil marking assets are used to place road paint features, such as arrows, text, and symbols.


Create an asset by using one of the supported file formats shown. Then, drag the file into the RoadRunner Library Browser.

Supported Formats:

  • SVG (.svg, .svgz)

Refer to the Marking Point Tool for more information about using stencil marking assets as point markings.

Refer to the Library Browser page for general instructions to create, edit, and delete assets.

Create a Stencil Marking Asset

  1. Add the asset file using the Library Browser.

  2. Right-click the asset and set the "Default Type" to "Stencil Marking".

The SVG parser used for stencil markings is limited. Many SVG elements are not supported. If your SVG is not supported and you want to use the stencil as a point marking, you can convert it to any of the supported non-SVG Image File Types and use the Marking Point Tool to add the resulting Texture Assets to the scene.