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What Is a Fixed-Structure Control System?

Fixed-structure control systems are control systems that have predefined architectures and controller structures. For example:

  • A single-loop SISO control architecture where the controller is a fixed-order transfer function, a PID controller, or a PID controller plus a filter.

  • A MIMO control architecture where the controller has fixed order and structure. For example, a 2-by-2 decoupling matrix plus two PI controllers is a MIMO controller of fixed order and structure.

  • A multiple-loop SISO or MIMO control architecture, including nested or cascaded loops, with multiple gains and dynamic components to tune.

You can use systune, looptune or hinfstruct for frequency-domain tuning of virtually any SISO or MIMO feedback architecture to meet your design requirements. You can use both approaches to tune fixed structure control systems in either MATLAB® or Simulink® (requires Simulink Control Design™).

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