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Specify Identifier Length to Avoid Naming Collisions

The length of a generated identifier is limited by the Maximum identifier length parameter specified on the Identifiers pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box. The Maximum identifier length field allows you to limit the number of characters in function, type definition, and variable names. The default is 31 characters. This is also the minimum length you can specify. The maximum is 256 characters.

When there is a potential name collision between two identifiers, name-mangling text is generated. The text has the minimum number of characters required to avoid the collision. The other symbol components are then inserted. If Maximum identifier length is not large enough to accommodate full expansions of the other components, they are truncated. To avoid this outcome, it is good practice to:

  • Avoid name collisions by not using default block names (for example, Gain1, Gain2...) when the model includes multiple blocks of the same type.

  • For subsystems, make them atomic and reusable.

  • Increase the Maximum identifier length parameter to accommodate the length of the identifier you expect to generate.