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Specify frequency to log stochastic simulation output


LogDecimation is a property of the SolverOptions property, which is a property of a configset object. This property defines how often stochastic simulation data is recorded. LogDecimation is available only for stochastic solvers (ssa, expltau, and impltau).

Use LogDecimation to specify how frequently you want to record the output of the simulation. For example, if you set LogDecimation to 1, for the command [t,x] = sbiosimulate(modelObj), at each simulation step the time will be logged in t and the quantity of each logged species will be logged as a row in x. If LogDecimation is 10, then every 10th simulation step will be logged in t and x.


Applies toObject: SolverOptions
Data typeint
Data values>0. Default is 1.


This example shows how to change LogDecimation settings.

  1. Retrieve the configset object from the modelObj, and change the SolverType to expltau.

    modelObj  = sbiomodel('cell');
    configsetObj = getconfigset(modelObj);
    set(configsetObj, 'SolverType', 'expltau')
  2. Change the LogDecimation to 10.

    set(configsetObj.SolverOptions, 'LogDecimation', 10);
    get(configsetObj.SolverOptions, 'LogDecimation')
    ans =