Show or Hide Annotations

By default, all annotations appear in the model. To hide an annotation, first configure it for hiding by converting it to markup. Then select Display > Hide Markup.

Configure an Annotation for Hiding

You can configure an annotation so that you can hide or display it.

  1. Right-click the annotation.

  2. From the context menu, select Convert to Markup.

A markup annotation has a light-blue background, regardless of the background color you set. If you change a markup annotation back to a regular annotation, the annotation returns to the background color you set.

To change a markup annotation to a regular annotation (one that you cannot hide), from the annotation context menu, select Convert to Annotation.

Hide Markup Annotations

To hide all markup annotations, select Display > Hide Markup.

To display hidden markup annotations, select Display > Show Markup.


In a model reference hierarchy, Show Markup and Hide Markup apply only to the current model reference level.

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