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Simulate Memory Transactions

Simulate shared memory transactions and analyze performance

SoC Blockset™ enables the simulation and evaluation of shared memory transactions in Simulink®. Visualize post-simulation performance and bandwidth metrics before deploying to SoC device by using the Logic Analyzer tool.


Memory ChannelStream data through a memory channel
Memory ControllerArbitrate memory transactions for one or more Memory Channel blocks
Memory Traffic GeneratorGenerate traffic towards memory controller
Register ChannelTiming model for transfer of register values


Logic AnalyzerVisualize, measure, and analyze transitions and states over time

Simulink Configuration Parameters


Simulation Diagnostics

SoC Blockset enables simulation and evaluation of memory transactions in Simulink without the need to deploy a model to an SoC device.

Simulation Performance Plots

SoC Blockset enables post-simulation analysis of memory diagnostic data.

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