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qrandset clase


Quasi-random point sets


qrandset is a base class that encapsulates a sequence of multi- dimensional quasi-random numbers. This base class is abstract and cannot be instantiated directly. Concrete subclasses include sobolset and haltonset.


qrandsetAbstract quasi-random point set class


dispDisplay qrandset object
endLast index in indexing expression for point set
lengthLength of point set
ndimsNumber of dimensions in matrix
netGenerate quasi-random point set
scrambleScramble quasi-random point set
sizeNumber of dimensions in matrix
subsrefSubscripted reference for qrandset


DimensionsNumber of dimensions
LeapInterval between points
ScrambleMethodSettings that control scrambling
SkipNumber of initial points to omit from sequence
TypeName of sequence on which point set P is based

Copy Semantics

Value. To learn how this affects your use of the class, see Comparing Handle and Value Classes (MATLAB) in the MATLAB® Object-Oriented Programming documentation.