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Skip property

Clase: qrandset

Number of initial points to omit from sequence


The Skip property of a point set contains a positive integer which specifies the number of initial points in the sequence to omit from the point set. The default Skip value is 0.

Initial points of a sequence sometimes exhibit undesirable properties, for example the first point is often (0,0,0,...) and this may "unbalance" the sequence since its counterpart, (1,1,1,...), never appears. Another common reason is that initial points often exhibit correlations among different dimensions which disappear later in the sequence.


Examine the difference between skipping and not skipping points:

% No skipping produces the standard Sobol sequence.
P = sobolset(5);
% Skip the first point of the sequence.  The point set now
% starts at the second point of the basic Sobol sequence.
P.Skip = 1;

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