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Motion Estimation

Track object motion between video frames

Motion estimation is the process of determining the movement of blocks between adjacent video frames. This toolbox includes motion estimation algorithms, such as optical flow, block matching, and template matching. These algorithms create motion vectors, which relate to the whole image, blocks, arbitrary patches, or individual pixels. For block and template matching, the evaluation metrics for finding the best match include MSE, MAD, MaxAD, SAD, and SSD.


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opticalFlowObject for storing optical flow matrices
opticalFlowFarnebackObject for estimating optical flow using Farneback method
opticalFlowHSObject for estimating optical flow using Horn-Schunck method
opticalFlowLKObject for estimating optical flow using Lucas-Kanade method
opticalFlowLKDoGObject for estimating optical flow using Lucas-Kanade derivative of Gaussian method
vision.BlockMatcherEstimate motion between images or video frames
vision.TemplateMatcherLocate template in image