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Troubleshoot ocr Function Results

Performance Options with the ocr Function

If your ocr results are not what you expect, try one or more of the following options:

  • Increase image size 2-to-4 times larger.

  • If the characters in the image are too close together or their edges are touching, use morphology to thin out the characters. Using morphology to thin out the characters separates the characters.

  • Use binarization to check for non-uniform lighting issues. Use the graythresh and imbinarize functions to binarize the image. If the characters are not visible in the results of the binarization, it indicates a potential non-uniform lighting issue. Try top hat, using the imtophat function, or other techniques that deal with removing non-uniform illumination.

  • Use the region of interest roi option to isolate the text. Specify the roi manually or use text detection.

  • If your image looks like a natural scene containing words, like a street scene, rather than a scanned document, try setting the TextLayout property to either 'Block' or 'Word'.

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