Contains data returned from profiler


Internal format returned by profiler and displayed using public functions

The Code Execution Profiling Report displays model execution profile results for each task.

  • To display the profile data for a section of the model, click the Membrane button  next to the section.

  • To display the TET data for the section in the Simulation Data Inspector, click the Plot time series data button .

  • To view the section in Simulink® Editor, click the link next to the Expand Tree button .

  • To view the lines of generated code corresponding to the section, click the Expand Tree button and then click the View Source button .

The Execution Profile plot shows the allocation of execution cycles across the four processors, indicated by the colored horizontal bars. The Code Execution Profiling Report lists the model sections. The numbers underneath the bars indicate the processor cores.

Object Functions

plotGenerate profiler plot
reportGenerate profiler report


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Starts the profiler, stops the profiler, and retrieves results data. Calls report and plot on the results data. The real-time application dxpcmds6t is already loaded.

tg = slrt;
profiler_object = getProfilerData(tg);
Processing data, please wait ...


Introduced in R2017b