Test 2: Ping Target Computer with slrtpingtarget

This test is a Simulink® Real-Time™ ping to your target computer.

  1. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type:

    tg = SimulinkRealTime.target('argument-list')

    argument-list is the connection information that indicates which target computer you are working with. If you do not specify arguments, the software assumes that you are communicating with the default target computer.

    Review the messages in the Command Window.

    If the communication link is functioning, you see a message that looks like this message:

    Target: TargetPC1
       Connected            = Yes
       Application          = loader
  2. Not connected — Bad target boot kernel?

    If you do not get the preceding message, it is possible that you have a bad target boot kernel. Recreate the target boot kernel and restart the target computer with the new kernel. See Target Computer Boot Methods.

  3. Not connected — Target settings?

    Use Simulink Real-Time Explorer to check the target settings. In particular, if test 1 passes but test 2 fails, check the IP address that you entered in the target settings.

If this procedure does not solve your issue, continue with the tests in Troubleshoot with Confidence Test. If you still cannot solve your issue, see Find Simulink Real-Time Support.