Test 3: Software Restart Target Computer

This test is a Simulink® Real-Time™ command that attempts to restart your target computer. This error is not necessarily fatal because some otherwise functional target computers do not support software restart.

You must have already configured the target settings with Simulink Real-Time Explorer. See PCI Bus Ethernet Setup.


Do not modify the files installed with the Simulink Real-Time software. If you want to modify one of these files for your own purposes, copy the file and modify the copy.

  1. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type:


    This command reruns the test without using the reboot command, and then displays the message:

    ### Test 3, Software reboot the target computer: ... SKIPPED
  2. Build Succeeded — Software restart supported?

    Review the results of Test 4, Build and download a Simulink Real-Time application using model slrttestmdl performed without a software restart. If slrttest builds and loads the real-time application without producing an error message, it is possible that the target computer does not support the reboot command. In this case, restart by using a physical reset button.

  3. Build Failed — Example model modified?

    To determine the cause of failure, in the Diagnostics Viewer and in the Command Window, review the error messages. You can also open slrttestmdl and build and download it manually.

    If you directly or indirectly modify the slrttestmdl example model supplied with the product, test 3 is likely to fail. Restore the slrttestmdl example model to its original state by one of the following methods:

    • Recreate the original model by editing it in the following location:

    • Reinstall the software.

If this procedure does not solve your issue, continue with the tests in Troubleshoot with Confidence Test. If you still cannot solve your issue, see Find Simulink Real-Time Support.