What's MuPad in Matlab ? is it useful ?

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What is MuPad of Matlab ? What's is difference between command in MuPad and command in Command Window. Is MuPAD useful for me ? How to use it ? thank you very much.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Jan 2014
MuPAD is a symbolic mathematics package. The MATLAB Symbolic Computing toolbox includes MuPAD, and also includes an interface between MATLAB proper and MuPAD, allowing elementary operations to be done without having to know much about MuPAD.
MuPAD was written as a completely different programming language than MATLAB; the interface between MATLAB and MuPAD was developed later.
MuPAD has a fair number of capabilities for which no direct MATLAB interface has been provided. It is possible to access MuPAD more directly from MATLAB by using MATLAB's evalin() or feval() commands. You can also use the command "notebook" to bring up MuPAD's native user interface.
Using MuPAD more directly might perhaps be useful for you, but we would need a better idea of what kinds of problems you work on in order to figure out whether it is likely to be worth the studying.
MuPAD is fairly similar to the Maple symbolic software package
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Jan 2014
Maple is not available from MuPAD but the two are a lot alike. The names of the types are different and "convert" in Maple becomes "coerce" in MuPAD. Some of the library routine names differ.
It may help to think of MuPAD as if it was a maple clone a number of releases back but which evolved since.
I seldom hear of people using the notebook interface. A few.
I do not have the Mathworks symbolic toolbox (that includes MuPAD) so I can not go into much detail. I do try to assist people with it based upon my maple knowledge and what I read in the manual

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