error detects in labs in spmd

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huda nawaf
huda nawaf el 24 de En. de 2014
Comentada: huda nawaf el 28 de En. de 2014
I have problem with this code , I can not know what is the reason.
this error what I got:
Starting matlabpool using the 'local' configuration ... connected to 2 labs. Lab 2:
ans =
??? Error using ==> spmd_feval at 8 Error detected on lab(s) 2
Error in ==> test at 7 Nofusers=700;k1=1;
Caused by:
You must call TIC without an output argument before calling TOC
without an input argument.
Error stack:
(No remote error stack)
%%%the code%% clc;clear;close all;
N=2; % Number of your CPU core, in my case, 4
matlabpool(N) % open N multicores for the parallel computation
spmd % similar with for loop
for i=1:Nofusers
fclose all
matlabpool close % you must close the multicore calculation statement

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 24 de En. de 2014
Your nesting appears to be off. You have the "matlabpool close" and the "toc" before it inside the spmd block.
Each lab is effectively a different MATLAB session. The "tic" before the spmd block is not in the same session as the "toc" inside the spmd block.
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huda nawaf
huda nawaf el 28 de En. de 2014
In fact, the last example to know which time I have to depend and why serial faster than parallel. But my problem in first code is to know if I used spmd correctly. thanks

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