how to enter a number in url

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FIR el 16 de Mzo. de 2014
Respondida: Image Analyst el 16 de Mzo. de 2014
I have a url in that i want to type a number ,the number varies each time,if i enter it manually it works for ex
url=' time is 18.28'
dest is my mobile number,if i enter manually it works but i have saved it in variable A how to enter it tere
kindly help

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the cyclist
the cyclist el 16 de Mzo. de 2014
A = '123456789';
url=['',A,'&msg=Out time is 18.28']

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 16 de Mzo. de 2014
You can use sprintf():
url=sprintf(' time is 18.28', number1, number2);
number1 and number2 replace the %d's in the format string.


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