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how to keep yhe size of interface un changed

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waad almalki
waad almalki el 23 de Mayo de 2014
Respondida: Image Analyst el 23 de Mayo de 2014
i have designed interface but each time i run it the size of the interface change to fill all screen display , how can i keep size unchanged? also i have tow buttons one for save the images and another for printing what aproper function for save button and print button? thank you very much for help

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 23 de Mayo de 2014
Look for 'Position' in your m-file. Changes are you're calling set() with the 'Position' property set to be the whole screen.
In the callback functions of the buttons you can call imwrite() to save an image array, call export_fig() to save an axes or figure with all the text and other annotation. I'm not sure how to print directly to the printer from MATLAB, but if you can, I'm sure someone will tell you.

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