i cant figure out how to use aviread()

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Ayesha ayub
Ayesha ayub el 7 de Jul. de 2014
Comentada: Ayesha ayub el 8 de Jul. de 2014
hay im trying to learn image processing for my final year project on real time motion detection and object tracking with gsm module but i cant even use aviread() properly it gives me the following error:
??? Error using ==> aviread at 73 Unable to locate decompressor Indeo5 to decompress video stream. See Mathworks Technical Solution 1-4G50QZ for more info.
Error in ==> bb at 1 f=aviread('samplevideo.avi');
and i dont know what it means. could this error be occurring because my M file and sample video are in different folders?
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Ayesha ayub
Ayesha ayub el 8 de Jul. de 2014
thank you

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