How do I access files not added to my matlab path?

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cocopuffs on 29 Jul 2014
Commented: harold on 8 Jun 2019
Hello everyone. I using the function 'dir' to access the names of the certain files in a folder. I then looping through them and organizing them in descending order and storing the ordered file names in a cell array. Now the next thing I wanting to do, is to read them using 'imread' and loop through the them to do some calculations.
The question is, how can I be using the function 'imread' on these file names without right clicking the folder, and clicking 'Add to Path'? Is there a simple function that does that for you?
Currently, I got the error saying 'Error using imread (line 349) File "lundimage00000.tif" does not exist'
Thank you all in the advanced.

Accepted Answer

Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein on 29 Jul 2014
You know the path of the file, as you can use the dir function. Just add the path and you can open the file.
>> path='C:\Users\yourname\Pictures\';
>> files=dir([path '*.jpg']);
>> im=imread([path files(1).name]);

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Sara on 29 Jul 2014
You need to provide to imread not just the file name but the full path. You can use fullfile to build it.


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