Issue running my own standalone app

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Yekaterina Lertxundi Sesma
Answered: Eric Delgado on 27 Sep 2022
I developed my own application using Matlab's App Designer, and afterwards packaged it as a "Standalone Desktop App".
I installed the Matlab Runtime installer, installed the app itself and then I could run it as a standalone.
Then, I added some functionalities and developed a version 2 (v2) of that same application. Packaged it. installed it, but then it did not work as a standalone. It works fine within Matlab, but as a standalone I can only use the toggle bars, buttons...and it doesn't execute the callback functions. I thought it might be some designing mistake, but turns out that after installing v2, v1 stopped working too!
In summary:
  • v1 of my own app was working fine as a standalone
  • when I installed v2, both v1&v2 stopped working
What could be the cause of this? How do I fix this?
Any help is much appreciated!

Answers (1)

Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 27 Sep 2022
It's an old question, but the answer could help someone. I had the same problem with a standalone app that was installed in more than 50 computers and it made deal with three causes:
(1) Windows firewall has blocked service (perhaps due to an update of the Windows itself or a new network policy), so you have to unblock;
(2) An old version of Windows, so you have to update it; or
(3) Matlab Runtime crashed and you have to reinstall it.

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