Out of Memory. Infinite Recursion.

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Hokkien on 30 Aug 2021
Answered: G A on 30 Aug 2021
Hi all,
I tried to run polylog with a set of matrix:
Li = polylog(2,QED1);
% QED1 is a (8887 x 1000) matrix.
but I got the error as below:
Out of memory. The likely cause is an infinite recursion within the program.
Error in sym/double (line 703)
X = eval(Xstr(2:end-1)); % drop quotes
Error in sym.useSymForNumeric (line 175)
res = cast(fn(args{:}),superiorfloat(varargin{:}));
Error in double/polylog (line 8)
Z = sym.useSymForNumeric(@polylog, N, X);
Error in Untitled2 (line 46)
Li = polylog(2,QED1);
Is there any way I can solve this problem? Thank you so much for the help!

Accepted Answer

G A on 30 Aug 2021
doc polylog
Argument of the polylogarithm, specified as a number, array, symbolic number, symbolic variable, symbolic function, symbolic expression, or symbolic array.
Not a matrix. Try
Li = polylog(2,QED1(:));

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