How do I replicate this model of Partial Discharge on Simulink

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I am having difficulty in replicating this model as shown via the image.
I'm able to achieve most of the components like the AC Voltage Source, resistors and capacitors but I'm not able to integrate the Circuit Breaker shown. I understand that there are different forms of components that come from different Libraries. The first 3 mentioned come from the Foundation Library and the Circuit Breaker comes from the Specialized Power System Library.
I'm a newbie to Matlab and this is my first time using this software to design out an electrical circuit. Could someone help me?
This is the current state of me attempting to replicate the model out.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 3 Nov 2021
The image you shared is made from specialized power systems. This technology is not compatible with Simscape, so you want to use the simscape specific circuit breakers (in blue) instead of the black ones.


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